2nd Annual 12 Weeks of Giving

Petersen’s Carpet & Flooring’s 12 Weeks of Giving:
Procedure for Collection of Donations & Frequently Asked Questions

Petersen’s has pledged to match personal donations to 12 non-profits, up to $1000 per non-profit for 12 weeks. We will be accepting cash, check and Facebook donations (for those charities officially registered with Facebook as a non-profit) on behalf of the 12 pre-selected charities.

The non-profits we have selected to be recipients in 2019 are:

Frederick County Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority

Sophie & Madigan’s Playground

Frederick Children's Chorus

A Mission of Mercy

Advocates for Homeless Families

Boys & Girls Club of Frederick County

FORCE: Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered

Hospice of Frederick

Leading Education Advancement for Families

Mental Health Association of Frederick County

Federated Charities

Second Chances Garage

To make a donation:

Make checks payable to the non-profit you have selected, NOT Petersen’s. All donations, cash and check must be funneled through our store,

by mail or drop off. We will forward them on to the non-profit after making a record of your donation for matching. For charities who are registered with Facebook as a non-profit, we will provide a donation link on our Facebook page the week they are featured.

Q: Do I have to pick one charity?

No! You can donate to as many as you would like, including all 12! But, do please indicate the dollar amounts you’d like to donate to each one. If you are writing a check, you will need to make out a separate check for each non-profit.

Q: Can I only donate to the charity during the week they are featured on your sign and Facebook page?

You may donate to any of the 12 charities at ANY TIME during our 12 week fundraiser.

Q: Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes! As long you make your check out to the charity you’ve selected (or are providing a cash donation) and you have provided all your contact information for the sending< of a receipt.

Q: Will you match donations to a different charity than the 12 featured?

For ease of record keeping, we are limiting matching to the 12 we have pre-selected. We hope to do this every year and will gladly take recommendations for local non-profits to feature in the future.

Q: When will the non-profits receive the donations?

All personal cash or check donations will be forwarded to the non-profits every Monday through the course of the campaign. Petersen’s matching contributions will be made in one check to each charity at the end of the 12 week campaign.

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